Advanced Analytics to boost student enrollment

Allegro helps Colleges and Universities boost student enrollment by leveraging advanced analytics and predictive data!

IT Workforce development by up-skilling tech teams

Allegros helps organizations train their employees on new-age disruptive technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, etc.

Bootcamps, Online Certificates and Degrees

Allegro offers boot camps, online certifications and advanced degree programs in cutting-edge technologies in association with leading US Universities.


Our Programs

Boot Camps • Online Courses . Online Degrees


Boot Camps

Complete intensive and short-term certificate programs in topics that drive the business and technology landscape.

Online Courses

Complete short online courses to gain key knowledge and expand your business and technology skills.

Online Degrees

Advance or change your career with a graduate degree or graduate certificate. Degrees can be earned online.

Why Allegro Learning Solutions?


We have years of experience creating immersive learning experiences and working in a global educational environment.

Employer Engagement


We work closely with employers throughout the training and education process.

Our Partners