Guidance when it Matters.


Suresh Madhuvarsu

Suresh Madhuvarsu is a results oriented, ambitious, data driven product executive working at the intersection of technology and business needs. He is a generalist with experience in Automotive, Internet, Utilities and Construction & Engineering Industries. He truly believes that the impact of software and mobile is profound and finds every opportunity to enable transformation with technology. Suresh has extensive experience in Products Strategy, Product Design and Product Engineering. He has built and managed many products from cradle to mature stages.

Dr. John C. Kozup
Dr. John Kozup is Associate Professor of Marketing at Villanova University and winner of the AMA Thomas C. Kinnear Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Research Award. Dr. Kozup served as Founding Director of the Villanova University Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research from 2004 through 2014 and currently serves as Director of the Institute for Business, Government & Culture (Rome/Malta). In addition to his role with Allegro Learning Solutions, Dr. Kozup is Director of Investar plc (Malta) a merchant banking and insurance group. He also serves as a Director of Equinox AIFM S.A.: a Luxembourg based company founded in 2001, which operates in the market as a management company for investment firms active in the Private Equity sector. As Director of Quadrilateral Advisory, Dr. Kozup contributes to a strategy consulting company focused on developing specialized knowledge, businesses and programs in the security arena. He also serves as director of Bridge Technology Capital, a U.S./UAE cross-border venture capital investment group. Since 2010, Dr. Kozup has served as the Associate Editor for the International Journal of Advertising.