MS in Next Gen Disruptive Technologies
Blockchain Specialization

  • Fintech Certification1 Year and 2 Year MS Degree Options
  • fintech training36 Credits
  • blockchain trainingBlended, Executive Format
  • blockchain training3 weekends a semester in Philadelphia, PA

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Blockchain technology


We live in an increasingly complex and integrated world that is driven by a wide range of digital technologies. Some of these technologies like the Internet, Mobile Computing and Social Media have caused major disruptions in the way we live and work.

The public and private enterprises that rely on these technologies to compete and succeed need leaders who can foresee the potential for such technologies before and as they become viable in the marketplace.

The Next Generation Disruptive Technologies MS Degree is designed to prepare technology and business leaders to recognize, evaluate and integrate disruptive technologies for next-generation products and services.

Program Goals

  • Master a Disruptive Technology (to start with, Blockchain)
  • Recognize the necessity of conducting theoretical and empirical analysis
  • Adapt to rapidly changing technology, advanced learning, and entrepreneurship qualities
  • Employ concepts that promote local and global systems for quality of life
  • Increase communication and teamwork skills
  • Adhere to the ethical standards and moral obligations as a condition of their membership in the profession

Program Coverage

Core Courses(5)

  • ISEM500: Strategic Planning of Digital Enterprises
  • ISEM540: Enterprise Architectures and Integration
  • ISEM51x: Commercialization of Technologies
  • CISC58x: Principles of Software Architecture Patterns
  • Free Elective. Choose 1 of the following:
    • CISC59x: Software Architecture Pattern Design & Implementation
    • ISEM501: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Principles
    • PMGT510: Principles of Project Management
    • ANLY 500: Analytics I: Principles and Applications
    • CISC 504: Programming Basics
    • CISC610: Data Structures
    • Any other Graduate Course at Harrisburg University

Elective Courses(5)

  • NGDT52a: Foundations of Blockchain
  • NGDT52b: Evolution of Crypto Assets and Tokens
  • NGDT52c: Implementing Smart Contract and DApps
  • NGDT52d: Industry Blockchain & Blockchain-as-a-Service
  • NGDT52e: Major Blockchain Trade-offs and Choices

Capstone Courses(2)

  • GRAD 695: Research Methodology and Writing
  • GRAD 699: Graduate Thesis or NGDT 699 (Project in Next Generation Disruptive Technologies)


  • Bachelor’s Degree (no specific major required)
  • NGDT52a (for some Elective Courses)
  • NGDT52b (for some Elective Courses)
  • Programming Knowledge (for some Elective Courses)

Executive Format

The Executive Format at Harrisburg University of Science & Technology blends 3 weekend sessions in Philadelphia with online learning and weekly live, online sessions.

Finish your Master’s Degree in 1 Year

The 1 year MS Degree in Next Generation Disruptive Technologies with a concentration in Blockchain Technologies is a full-time master’s degree program. Students will take 4 courses a semester, with each course requiring at least 10-15 hours of study a week.

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How do you join?

There are limited seats for this batch and selection is based on review of your application and a telephone interview.

Classes start January 5, 2019

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