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What questions should I ask when evaluating technology bootcamps?

By Joel A. Kline, Ph.D. The popularity of the bootcamp format has brought many new companies and offerings to the market. Some of these companies, including Allegro Learning Solutions, partner with traditional higher education partners to develop course offerings. Some companies build content and delivery without the involvement of traditional institutions. In this blog post, I will briefly describe several objective questions that you can ask when you

After the Coding Bootcamp Shake-up: What’s Next?

By Joel A. Kline, Ph.D. One year ago the coding bootcamp model began to implode from the weight of too many companies offering the same product. In August of 2017, The New York Times featured an article about high-profile bootcamp academy closings. Several notable companies closed their coding bootcamps including those offered by Apollo Education Group and Kaplan. Some industry analysts still see the value