AI is a Challenge at the Staff Level

In the WSJ article “Selling Rank-and-File Workers on Importance of AI”, John McCormick and Jared Council suggest that one challenge for implementing AI in the enterprise are staff employees. They note that many employees still lack an understanding of AI and it’s application to their business activities.

“AI isn’t just about technology—it’s about the business application of that technology…” said Mohamed Kande, a vice chairman and head of the global advisory service at Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLC (PwC). “T]he big gap that we are seeing out there…is around the people-side of the equation—the workforce. Technology has to be adopted by people,” he said.

The article suggests segmenting employees into three levels of engagement: Users, who are taught how to use AI-enhanced applications; “Citizen” developers, who can become power users who identify data sets and use cases for Data Scientists; and Data Scientists, who create and deploy AI applications.

The article notes that PwC “…recommends steps such as including AI in employee training courses, identifying new skills and new roles as AI is deployed, changing performance reviews to include AI skills, and expanding the talent pipeline with internships and college and university partnerships.”

The takeaway is that it’s important for all employees to have an understanding not just about AI but its applications. This understanding is critical as companies democratize the workplace by giving employees their own AI models and tools to apply.

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