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Apprenticeship Programs.

Technology Apprenticeship Programs

Tech apprenticeships are gaining significant momentum in industry as a method to fill your current knowledge worker openings, diversify your workforce, and build the workforce of tomorrow. Federal and state governments have allocated increasingly larger pools of capital and incentives for apprenticeships in an effort to address technology workforce labor shortages.

Quick Takeaways on Technology Apprenticeships

  • Apprenticeships are registered with the Department of Labor and called a Registered. Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

  • Apprentices receive on-the-job training plus classroom training in their technology area.

  • Typically, the apprenticeship lasts for 1-2 years.

  • During the apprenticeship period the employee is receiving a salary and working for the company. At the completion of the apprenticeship the employee receives some form of certification in their technology area. Federal and State grants and incentives are used to offset the cost of the training and administration.

Why Allegro?

Allegro Learning Solutions builds technology apprenticeship programs for organizations that want to improve their capabilities to hire entry-level technology workers. Normally, when you hear words like government compliance, new hire supervision, and coordinated onboarding and training, it does not sound like a seamless process. That’s where Allegro fits in. We create the apprenticeship programs, locate the candidates, manage the administration, and coordinate apprentice supervision with an online platform called Apprenticeship Connections. For more information on developing an Apprenticeship Program, contact Keerti Hasijah- Kauffman at

The apprenticeship market is a two-sided market. In addition to managing Apprenticeship programs, Allegro Learning Solutions also recruits and supplies quality candidates for organizations that have Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). Our experience, employees, and connections to the talent acquisition field have created a seamless ability to simultaneously manage the apprenticeship process and supply quality candidates. If you’re a school counselor or know tech-savvy students who are a better fit for an apprenticeship than college, contact John De Mott at

Seamless Integration of registered apprenticeship programs, onboarding and training, and acquisition of apprenticeship talent. That’s the Allegro difference!

We partner with several organizations to create a seamless apprenticeship experience for your organization, including our sister company Inspiration Global, TranZed and WozU.