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Virtual Currencies, Smart Contracts, Mobile Payment Apps

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Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.

~ Bob Greifeld, Chief Executive, NASDAQ

Blockchain is disrupting the traditional banking and financial services industry as well as creating new organizations that are reinventing banking with 90% fewer resources while offering superior customer experiences.

This definitive, cutting-edge Program is ideal for technology professionals in banking, medical, and logistics who wish to differentiate themselves. Participants will see new horizons open up within classical Tech and BFSI organizations, and also innovative Blockchain startups.

It’s time to act. As James GoldSmith puts it, “If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.”

Blockchains have rapidly emerged as the latest disruptive technology. They are not only dominating the daily news but also job portals. The need of the hour is creating a talent pool which will contribute to growth in the sector.

Program Goals

This Program will enable professionals to:

  • Create Virtual Currencies
  • Build Smart Contracts
  • Create Mobile Payment Apps
  • Implement Digital Wallets

Program Coverage

Module 1

Introduction to Blockchain (Foundations)

  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledger
  • Distributed Computing for Blockchain
  • Cryptography & Game Theory for Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, and ICOs

Module 2

Creating Smart Contracts​ (Using Ethereum, Solidity)

  • Ethereum: An introduction
  • Solidity Programming
  • ERC20 Standards
  • Mini Project

Module 3

Decentralized Applications & More (Using Hyperledger, Golang)

  • Hyperledger: An Introduction
  • Frameworks and Tools
  • Golang Programming
  • Mini Project

Module 4

Blockchain Uses

  • Major Blockchains
  • Blockchain Platform Trade- offs
  • Industry Case Study

Module 5

Capstone Project

  • Hackathon
  • Project Showcase
  • Industry Interface
  • 36 LIVE Online Sessions

    48 Hours (6 Weeks x 8 Hours) 
    (Tue, Thu and Sat)

  • ACTION-Packed Meetings

    48 hours (6 weeks x 2 classroom sessions)
    (Fri and Sat)

  • Total Instruction Time

    96 Hours

  • Support Forum

    24 hour response

Who should join

  • Graduate Students with Technical Background
  • Keen to be an early adopter of Blockchain Technology
  • Want to be part of disruptive technology development
  • Seeking to become / be successful as a Tech Entrepreneur

What will you get

  • The Knowledge to Implement Cutting-edge Blockchain Solutions
  • The Ability to Differentiate Yourself Through a Capstone Project
  • Placement Support and a Startup Pitch Opportunity
  • Certificate of Completion from Harrisburg University

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How do you join?


There are limited seats for this batch and selection is based on review of your application and a telephone interview.


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The Faculty

Sunil Aggarwal 
Instructor, Blockchain

Sunil is the author of the book “Bitcoin Magnet.” He is a leading Blockchain expert and has been advising Startups and their ICOs over the last six years. He has two decades of experience in teaching, research and startup consulting.

Seats are limited

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