CareerCOGS is an online career coaching portal. We provide a wide array of online resources for people who want to transition to employment in skilled positions.

Most of our learners come from training programs, learning bootcamps, and other up-skilling programs.

You can use our resources and counselors to develop a custom career plan to achieve your career goals.

CareerCOGS services available to you at no cost* include:

  • Online meetings with a career coach
  • A custom career plan tailored for your skills and experience
  • Resume and interview coaching
  • Identification of employment opportunities and positions
  • Tips on applying, interviewing, and starting technology positions
  • Videos and resources for career planning

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CareerCOGS collects data about your job to help your training provider track success and identify opportunities for future students. All personal information remains confidential to CareerCOGS and your training provider and is not sold or disclosed to any third-party.