How to Meet Gen Z Employees’ Training Needs

How to Meet Gen Z Employees' Training Needs

Each generation lives in a little different world than their predecessors, which distinguishes them. For example, Gen X is called “Gen Bust” due to their lower birth rate than prior generations, yet Baby Boomers had the greatest average education level to date.

Millennials and Generation Z stand out far more than any other generation. With fast technology breakthroughs in the last few decades, the world has changed like never before.

Millennials vs. Gen Z: Technology Use and Impact

Technology changes at such a rapid pace that even Millennials and Generation Zers are significantly different. Millennials (those born between 1980 and 1994) grew up without access to mobile devices or the internet. Even those who had access to the internet had to make do with prolonged dial-up versions until they were almost teenagers!

Gen Z is sometimes known as the “digital native generation,” and has had access to smartphones, iPads, media platforms, and unlimited internet from the outset. They are the generation who grew up with streaming services, which effectively put an end to the once-popular DVDs!

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According to research, Gen Z prefers the internet to millennials in this regard. Millennials spend an average of 7.5 hours per week surfing the web, while Gen Z spends nearly 10 hours per week. When it comes to device selection, the generations differ as well.

Gen Z is the generation that spends a lot of time on mobile devices, approximately 15.4 hours per week. Computers are preferred by millennials, who spend an average of 16.4 hours a week on them.

What Does This Imply for Business?

Training and development are the most important aspects of the workplace for Gen Z employees. Many Generation Z employees believe that, given the pace of technological change, their profession will not become obsolete anytime soon. So, in a quickly changing world, the only approach to stay relevant is to keep learning and developing.

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However, as the data illustrate, Generation Z needs the use of technology, even for corporate training. By employing modern technology, such as advanced learning experience systems, employers can provide training that is suited to the existing employee’s learning needs style. Allegro can help in a multitude of ways.

Increased Engagement

Our attention span is diminishing. The average attention span of Millennials was 12 seconds, whereas Gen Z’s was only 8 seconds. As a result, traditional training approaches including teachers and PowerPoint slides are no longer effective. A learning experience system that seamlessly integrates audio, video, graphics, and interactive elements can do the task, making corporate training far more enjoyable and engaging for today’s employees.

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Studies have even proven that incorporating gaming into learning improves learners’ cognitive engagement and emotional behaviour. These features also make collaboration in education and training a lot easier. Moreover, by employing multimedia and interactive elements, the information can be split into smaller bite-sized chunks, allowing for micro-learning prospects. This format makes information more entertaining and simpler to remember.

Self-Directed Education

In corporate training, Millennials and Generation Z look for independence and flexibility, among other things. They get just that with a powerful learning platform. Employees may learn when and where they want, at their own speed, on their preferred device. This not only provides students with more independence but also helps them study more effectively.

Training with Artificial Intelligence

To enhance the learning process, Allegro Learning uses artificial intelligence. According to research, 77% of experts believe individualized learning improves the training process. AI-assisted analytics can assist enterprises in achieving this goal. Additionally, the trainee has 24/7 access to an AI-powered personal learning facilitator. They can receive notifications, alerts, content recommendations, and even reminders to finish training sessions. As the trainee interacts with the platform, machine learning aids the chatbot in improving its responses. This allows it to provide specific learning paths that are tailored to each learner’s skill level and expertise, resulting in increased engagement and, as a result, higher employee retention.

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Each generation is defined by its own qualities; for Gen Z, technology is the defining attribute. Are you prepared to use technology to improve corporate training for Generation Z employees? For further information, please contact us.

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