Your Virtual
and Staff
Training Process

Provide Your Employees With The Scope For Growth!

Olive and Allegro Learning Solutions provide the platforms to automate your onboarding and accelerate your staff training capabilities.

Our Mykademy SaaS platform is a premium online platform that increases productivity and retention through training, onboarding automation, and employee growth and learning.

The value of Mykademy does not stop at onboarding. Our platform manages and delivers training content of many kinds, including access to our content and content development tools.

Mykademy helps you immediately engage with employees, communicate clearly, and automate a personal onboarding experience.

Kickstart your onboarding and training capabilities for 2022 with Allegro and The Olive Group.

Our Partners

The Mykademy SaaS Platform centralizes and automates your onboarding and training capabilities.

Our Clients


  • Innovative Learning Environment available to all members
  • Launching in 2021
  • Innovative, learning ecosystem that supports your agency and your candidates training needs
  • The global pandemic has changed how we all operate and the option to upskill digitally, anytime & anywhere is more important than ever
  • Provide further value to members through cutting-edge self-paced, accredited training courses
  • One-stop platform for all your training needs
  • Access to high quality E-Learning courses
  • Accredited courses available for all sectors
  • Easy to use, available on laptops, tablets and mobile devices!
  • 24/7 access to training
  • Digital Certification
  • Allegro Learning teamed up with educational technology organization Olive Group to launch an innovative online training platform supporting our members’ training needs.
  • World-Class Learning Environment
  • Olive Groups innovative products are paving a new pathway to education, revolutionizing learning and bringing cutting edge technology to 21st century learners.
  • Allegro Learning and Olive Group missions are aligned to improve the accessibility of education and training to members.