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Content Design & Development

Program Design and Development

Our instructional design team starts with the end in mind. We focus on identifiable student performance and competencies first and then determine the evidence of learning progress, such as acceptable forms of assessment. We partner with your faculty and staff to develop an overarching skills map for your university and individual programs and integrate it into student learning plans. We do this using Seelio Connect, our experiential learning technology. The result? Students can see and demonstrate how every course is connected to their goal of skills mastery.

Faculty Support

The entire instructional design team — including designers, developers and quality assurance specialists — partners with your faculty as subject matter experts and works with them to reenvision their course content for online learning using leading pedagogy and the latest in distance learning technology.

Quality and Compliance

First and foremost, our instructional designers are stewards of your university’s reputation and take this responsibility seriously. Our QA specialists ensure the quality of course content upholds the standards of your university, and your faculty has the final sign off on launch. Our instructional designers follow the Online Learning Consortium Quality Scorecard and the Quality Matters Program

Data-Informed Improvement

What is measured can be improved, and our online program development approach emphasizes measurement throughout all courses. We analyze high-level trends of completion alongside granular reporting of engagement and performance. Student success advisors collect student feedback on the course, the instructor and the program as a whole, and share this information with our instructional design team to be integrated into future iterations of the course.

Adaptable Technology

Being a true partner means integrating with your existing technology suite, not locking you into proprietary technology systems. Our instructional design team and support staff are versed in several LMS, CMS, CRM and other technology solutions necessary to deliver a seamless online learning experience at scale.