SMB Corporate Academies

SMB Corporate Academies


An Allegro SMB Corporate Academy is the perfect solution for organizations seeking to keep your workforce current and upskilled for the future. Allegro works with your SMB to develop a training academy that develops your employees with upskilling, transferable, soft, and technical skills. We offer both technical and professional content that can be customized to fit the needs of your workforce roles.

The SMB Academy offers many benefits:

      • State-of-the-art content for technology and professional skills
      • Multiple learning modalities including web, video, mobile, and real-time
      • Flexible pricing models using shared content among non-competitors
      • Complete reporting and tracking functions
      • Full branding or co-branding options based on needs
      • Original, licensed, and aggregated content including industry Body of Knowledge content

Click on this link to see the Allegro Learning Solutions Corporate Academy. Your site can be co-branded or whitebox branded depending upon you needs. (here is the link to the page:

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