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At Allegro Learning Solutions, we understand the unique challenges of today’s education and training landscape. Our mission is to re-invent existing educational models and create new learning experiences that expand opportunities a global audience. We connect the right content, in the right format, with the right audiences to expand global learning opportunities, develop in-demand skills, and strengthen the global talent pool. Here are some of the core value proposition that set us apart.

A team with global credentials

We have a global team with strong expertise across a wide range of practice areas to best assist you. We have a global team and global infrastructure, allowing our customers with global operations to work with one single vendor.

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Differentiated programs in Deep Tech & Expertise

Allegro Learning Solutions partners with educational institutions, subject matter experts, and content providers to reinvent existing educational models and create new learning experiences that caters to a global audience. Our catalog of programs builds competencies in digital business and technology concepts, establishes skills in emerging technology disciplines and presents advanced degree opportunities.

Innovative instructional design and pedagogy

Fast Track Programs | Boot Camp Culture | Problem Solving as Learning
Hybrid formats that combine the best of classroom and online experiences

    • Class Lectures
    • Practice Labs
    • Team Hackathons
    • Project Presentations
    • Industry Action Workshops
    • Mentorship


Accessible 24 x 7 to all learners and instructors
| Any Where| Any Device | Synchronous | Asynchronous| Live Support

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A highly-scalable cloud-based platform

OpenEdx | YouTube Live | Code Autograders | Assessment Tools | Virtual Labs | Advisor BOT

Allegro offers a highly-scalable cloud-based platform that doesn’t require you to install specific hardware or software in order to access and use it. By logging into a web portal you and your learners have access to the features of the cloud-based LMS solution. Additionlly, this platform is highly cost-effective, easy to use and requires no complex installations.

Deep expertise in digital marketing and lead generation

Our best-in-class education lead generation system has delivered targeted enrollments to online and campus colleges, regardless of size. Through an unwavering focus on innovation, we strive to surmount market challenges through the application of intelligent technology solutions. With a team of experts dedicated to managing the entire lead generation process, you can focus on what matters most: enrolling students. It’s a strategic and streamlined approach to exceeding your goals.

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Strong Partner Network

Allegro has built a robust network of partners that include leading education consultants, Online Program Management (OPM) providers, organizations dedicated to workforce development and continuing education, higher ed grant program providers and leading international universities and colleges. In addition, we also partner with independent education consultants with strong entrepreneurial qualities and local / regional market understanding. Our consultants help in assisting & facilitating prospective students to take admissions into our partner universities. Our network partners also provide logistical support to the students enrolled through their respective centers.

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