Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Allegro partners with higher education and government agencies to develop technical and professional programs for their constituents, communities, alumni and stakeholders.

Technology Programs

Allegro works with technology team leaders and members to prepare organizations for the crucial technology disruptions now confronting them such as cybersecurity and forensics, AI/ML, and blockchain. We up-skill both leadership-selected and self-selected employees.

SMB Corporate Academies

Allegro works with SMBs to develop training academies that develop your employees with upskilling, transferable, soft, and technical skills. Our solutions help you upskill, retain, and promote employees for a competitive advantage.


Bootcamps and Certifications

Individuals can participate in short-term intensive learning experiences that are designed for career enhancement and personal development.

Workforce Development

We offer career development programs that are presented in partnership with higher education and government.

Employee Up-Skilling

We prepare organizations and employees to seize opportunities and confront threats arising from the digital economy.

Why Allegro?

We create immersive and engaging learning experiences learners in your organization. We deliver original and aggregated content to ensure your students, employees, and stakeholders are learning valuable and up-to-date knowledge and skills. Our expertise and end-to-end program management skills can fill the gaps in your educational resources. The pathway to a skilled workforce begins with Allegro Learning Solutions.



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